Bio Fertilizer

NGE is inviting entrepreneurs to start their Bio Fertilizer distribution business & become  part of organic farming revolution in the country. We are manufacturing this Bio Fertilizer at our authorized plants based on our own technology & specifications for best results.

Bio fertilizer is a biodegradable by product of organic waste converted into a rich source  energy for crops which has natural nutrients for crops having enzymes, minerals, vitamins etc. with few benefits as below

  • Increase Crop Yield
  • Stimulate plant growth
  • Activate soil biologically
  • Restores natural soil fertility
  • Supplement to  chemical fertilizers
  • Cost effective
  • Reduces Government subsidy on chemical fertilizers

NGE is setting up its sales & distribution channel on PAN India basis to sell BIO FERTILIZER . It is inviting entrepreneurs to start BIO FERTILIZER Sales & Distribution on “Licensee owned Licensee operated” model .



  • Good Margin
  • Grow with National Brand
  • Unique business opportunity to enter future energy sector
  • Low Investment
  • Low Risk