NGE is setting up its sales & distribution channel on PAN India basis to sell clean fuel (CBG & bio Diesel) & other by-products & complimenting products for sustainable business model. It is inviting entrepreneurs to take license establish CNG stations / Electric Vehicle Charging station / Industrial Diesel Sale Dealership / Bio Fertilizer Sale Dealership / RDF / Bricks / Carbon Black Dealership Integrated project on “Licensee owned Licensee operated” model.

NGE license available for :
It will be an exclusive outlet to sell CNG (CBG) / Industrial Diesel / Bio-Fertilizer / EV – Charging / NGE will guide/ support in settling up and national branding of it.

Bio Fertilizer :

NGE  is inviting entrepreneurs to start their Bio Fertilizer distribution business & become part of an organic farming revolution in the country. We are manufacturing this Bio Fertilizer at our authorized plants based on our own technology & specifications for best results. Biofertilizer is a biodegradable by-product of organic waste converted into a rich source energy for crops which has natural nutrients for crops having enzymes, minerals, vitamins etc. with few benefits as below:

  • Increase Crop Yield
  • Stimulate plant growth
  • Activate soil biologically
  • Restores natural soil fertility
  • Supplement to chemical fertilizers
  • Cost effective
  • Reduces Government subsidy on chemical fertilizers

RDF (Refuse derived fuel) : NGE is inviting entrepreneurs setup RDF distribution business to give an economical & alternate fuel option to industry. We are using waste that cannot be recycled as an energy source is one way to reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfill. We are manufacturing it at authorized plants based on our technology & standards.
RDF is produced from domestic, commercial and business waste, which includes biodegradable material, paper, wood, textile as well as plastics. Non-combustible materials such as glass and metals are removed and the residual material is then shredded. RDF is used as an economical alternative to fossil fuel in multiple sectors like:

  • Generate energy at recovery facilities.
  • Generate electricity & heating.
  • Fuel in cement industry etc.

Carbon Black : NGE is inviting entrepreneurs setup Carbon Black distribution business. Carbon Black is a byproduct produced when our units are processing plastic waste into diesel. This carbon black price is very competitive compare to petroleum carbon black. It can be used as:

  • As a filler mixed in plastics, elastomer films, adhesives, and paints
  • As a chemical strengthener in Rubber Industries.
  • As a coloring agent in Pigment Industries
  • In Cement Industries

EV Charging : India is gearing up for transportation revolution with focus to shift on Electric Vehicles. The market is transforming owing to strict norms and regulations pertaining to environmental, government incentives, and rising environmental awareness. Lack of EV charging infrastructure is a lifetime opportunity to cater future transportation fuel.