Preserving Earth Natural Resources with Bio-CNG

Over 80% of the energy that we consume is produced from the combustion of fossil fuels. The reliance on these finite non-renewable energy sources has led to the depletion of fuel reserves. The mindless consumption of these finite conventional energy resources is degrading the entire ecosystem. Natural calamities like climate change, depletion of the ozone layer, excess emission of GHGs, increased rate of pollution, etc. are significant areas of concern for every government authority across the globe. Such calamities have created a dire need for adapting methods and ways that are sustainable and help in preserving the environment. Amidst the climatic catastrophe, Bio-CNG have emerged as an environmental saviour.  

Bio-CNG is a sources of energy obtained from the decomposition of biomass and is a type of alternative energy fuels. Alternative energy fuels are environmentally friendly and also have the potential to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Such sources are naturally and easily available to us in abundance. These sources are renewable and can be replenished within a human’s lifetime. Biogas, Bio-CNG, Bio coal, and green diesel are a few examples of alternative energy fuels. Nexgen Energia with its diverse portfolio of business projects in non-conventional energy fuels is educating people about the adaptability of waste-generated energy fuels.

Fossil fuels, when burnt, release CO2 into the atmosphere, leading to an increase in global warming. Due to the increasing demand for fossil fuels, it is anticipated that the reserves of fossil fuels will deplete in the next 200 years. At the same time, alternative energy fuels are renewable and can be rejuvenated within a human’s lifespan. They result in the reduction of carbon footprint and GHGs emissions. These are abundantly available and are the best substitute for fossil fuels

Nexgen Energia, an alternate energy fuel company is one of the best Bio-CNG plant manufacturer in India, Which is making it possible to have a future beyond fossil fuels. NGE with its cutting-edge technology is on the path to bringing an energy revolution and initiating an energy transition with the aim to provide a sustainable, clean and green environment for future generations.

Here are the following benefits of the initiative taken by Nexgen Energia:

Emphasizing the problems created by the consumption of fossil fuels has created a dire need to adopt alternative energy fuels for the sustainability of the environment for future generations. Nexgen Energia is spreading awareness of the rising environmental issues and focusing on developing a roadmap for energy transition, which creates a clear pathway for alternative energy fuels being the future of the clean energy sphere.

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  1. All over India Petrol Consumption is 26000000 Metric Tonnes/annul i.e. 35360000 kiloliters i.e. 35360000000 liters.

    India’s Population is 1320000000 i.e per person consumption of petrol is 26.78 lit/person/annum

    All over India Diesel Consumption is 82000000 Metric Tonnes/annum i.e. 98400000 kiloliters i.e. 98400000000 liters.

    India’s Population is 1320000000 i.e per person consumption of Diesel is 74.54 lit/person/annum

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