New Delhi | Renewable Energy (RE) sector is not only generating clean energy but also reducing CO2 emissions and improving quality of life. The time has arrived that India completely focuses on the production of clean fuel.

The country can transform the landscape of the RE sector by creating an ecosystem for the manufacturing of clean and green energy.

Clean fuel energy company, NexGen Energia Ltd. is working in this direction to re-define the manufacturing and distribution of alternate future energy sectors. The company owns a passion to drive and innovate the future energy revolution. The idea behind it is to have a green planet and energy independence. cng pump franchise

Compressed Biogas (CBG) is an ideal substitute for household PNG, Automobile CNG Vehicles & Industrial Gas applications for furnaces and boilers, including captive, electric city generation, Kilns & Foundry applications.

Organic waste refers to Poultry waste, Cow dung, Municipal Solid waste, Crop Residence, Press mud, etc can be put to create wealth by converting it to CBG & Biofertilizers. There are different types of waste that are generated from our daily or industrial activities such as organic waste, E-waste, hazardous waste, inert waste, etc.. Organic waste has a significant portion in overall waste generation in the industrial/urban/ agricultural sector and therefore it can be used for energy generation.

This will help reducing pollution, increasing farmer income. It will save foreign reserves as imports will reduce. Create entrepreneur & employment, it will promote organic farming with use of bio fertilizers this improves health

NexGen Energia Ltd has developed technology that can convert multiple organic wastes into Compressed Biogas & Bio-Fertilizers.

The company has already set up a plant in Haryana’s Ambala where hundreds of tonnes of organic waste is being disposed of every day.

“At present 1500 kg of gas is being manufactured in Ambala daily. For this, about 50 tonnes of organic waste is disposed of in the plant everyday. This avoids excess waste, gets rid of pollution, reduces dependence on natural fuels and also provides an alternative to fuel at a cheaper price,” said AP Pathak MD_at the Nexgen Energia Ltd.

The company is also mulling to set up plants in many cities including Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. In times to come, we can see a Nexgen Energia plant at Rohtak, Baghpat among several other cities so that compressed biogas can reach more and more people.

The total estimated energy generation potential from urban and industrial organic waste in India is Immense. If this mammoth potential is harnessed then India can become an energy sufficient country.

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