Organic Waste: Waste food from household, hotels canteens, Food Processing, Vegetable Market Dairy farms Polluter farm waste.

Industrial Waste: Bio-Wastes from Industries, Such as Sugar- Manufacturing Plants and Beer Distilleries.

MSW: Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste Garbage, and Sewage Slurry.

  • Compressed natural gas made from multiple organic sources is a NGE developed patented technology in clean energy sector.
  • CBG is a Low pollution, better mileage, and environment friendly fuel with same calorific value – 52000kj/kg.
  • Both CNG & CBG/CNG are chemically same & have same energy potential.
  • This makes CBG/CNG an ideal substitute CNG in all household automobile & industrial use.

Parameters Biogas CNG/CBG
Methane(v/v) 55-65% 92-98%
CO2(v/v) 35-65% 2-8%
H2S(ppm) 500-30,000 More than 20 ppm
Moisture(deg C dew point) Saturated More than -40 deg
Other Impurities(e.g Siloxanes) Present Not Present
Calorific Value(LCV) ~19500 kj/kg ~52000 kj/kg

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NOTE – “As Per CBG BIS Standard”