Our country is generating waste more than a million metric ton per day. including agricultural and Industrial waste. This waste has the potential to generate more than 62 million metric ton Bio- CNG per annum. In INDIA we can start new 1.8 Lakh CNG (CBG) manufacturing projects of 500-1000 kg/day capacity. This opens a vast opportunity for entrepreneurs to enter into BIO-CNG to (BIO-DIESEL) manufacturing and distribution.

PIONEER : NGE has introduced in India this unique module for all private entrepreneurs

CREDIBILITY : Management team has over 100 years of  experience in Oil & Gas , Project execution, Plant manufacturing   & Retail

MARKETING & BRANDING : Company responsibility of National level marketing & branding

REFINED & SUCCESSFUL PROTOTYPE OPERATIONS : The company is successfully operating its module in India

MARKET TRENDS & CONDITIONS: The market is moving towards clean fuel technology. Government is taking initiative based on national & international commitments

DIFFERENTIATION : One stop Shop for future energy requirements

DOCUMENTED SYSTEMS: Operation related documents for the business operations are  developed by the company at par with operational standards accustomed to the Indian Market.

CAPITAL: Low investment with higher margin

TRANSFER-ABILITY OF KNOWLEDGE : The Licensee needs to learn the tips & tricks of running retail business which can be done with some training program.

COMMITMENT TO RELATIONSHIPS : Nexgen Energia is committed to all its partners through marketing, operational, technological training support 

ADAPTABILITY : Environment awareness , rising fuel cost , government initiatives is a growing & will see rapid adaptability.

STRENGTH OF MANAGEMENT : The company has high experience of strong product knowledge, the company believes in three core value of integrity, responsibility , ownership , collaboration.