Renewable energy holds strong promise for India’s energy self-reliance

Asia has a very momentous role to play in the energy evolution around the globe. However, Asia is not a harmonized entity; its economies are diversified with vast disparities in energy endowments. 
India has a potential part of the global energy transition. As the country’s fastest growing integrated clean fuel Energy Company, Nexgen Energia is playing a leading role in the terms of affordable, clean, and reliable alternate energy forms to drive the economic growth required for improving the livelihood of the people across the country.
India has been portrayed as one of the top five emitters of GHG emissions by foreign media. But the fact shows that according to data provided by the Climate Watch by World Resources Institute, India’s per capita emissions are seven times lower than that of the United States, 3.4 times lower compared to China, and three times lower compared to the EU.  
Despite the fact, that both developed and developing countries must manage together to address global warming issues. However, there is a grave concern; developing countries are more likely to deal with the disproportionately unpleasant effect of environmental hazards. Developed economies also bear a responsibility to support under-developed countries, so that these countries also get similar facilities to accelerate economic growth and the burden can be divided between two economies to grow responsibly. Both economies have to chart a path to meet the goal of sustainable development. 
India will need an investment of around $ 225-250 billion to meet its 2030 renewable targets. The Government’s support and encouragement to the private companies and overseas investors to engage in the renewable sector would be key to India achieving its goal. The investment will go towards scaling up the nation’s energy system and building much-needed infrastructure, which will lead to a predictable rise in green energy. 
Nexgen Energia Ltd is the fastest growing clean fuel energy company and the group chairman’s vision of nation-building has been the guiding framework for responsible growth. The company plans to exceed India’s emission intensity reduction goal. NGE lines up with massive expansion plans to launch 20,000 Bio CNG manufacturing plants and retail outlets basis the DODO model by 2027, 1,000 Bio coal manufacturing plants and retail outlets, and 1,000 EV charging stations in Pan-India with 8Lakh Crore investment. We also aim to increase the workforce of around 2lakh in the coming years. The company is on a track to becoming the world’s largest clean fuel energy company. 
Installing a manufacturing base can make alternate clean energy a reality around the world by bringing down the price of green components. However, for this to happen, India and Nexgen Energia are playing a crucial role in energy transition and continue to build a green economy over the next decade.

Posted By: NEXGEN Date: 08-Jun, 2023
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