International Yoga Day | Nexgen Energia Ltd.

World Enviroment day | Nexgen Energia Ltd

Empowering Farmers and Ensuring Consistent Quantity: CBG Plant with a Decade-long Feedstock Tie-up

Detailed Components of Biogas | NexGen Energia #futureenergy #nge #business #startup #shorts

Produce Biogas from Organic Waste | NexGen Energia #futureenergy #nge #business #startup #shorts

Reduce import of oil and Produce Biogas | NexGen Energia #futureenergy #business #startup #shorts

Wish you a very Happy Republic Day | Nexgen Energia

Agricultural Waste to Energy | NexGen Energia #futureenergy #nge #business #startup #shorts

Utilization of Agricultural Waste | NexGen Energia #futureenergy #nge #business #startup #shorts

Agricultural Waste in Aggregate | NexGen Energia #business #nge #futureenergy #shorts #agriculture

Understanding CBG | Nexgen Energia

World Hindi Day | NexGen Energia Ltd.

CBG (Bio CNG) PUMP DEALERSHIP | Become a Biofuel Entrepreneur | DODO Model

DR. PIYUSH DWIVEDI (popularly known as CBG Man ) is featured at ZEE HINDUSTAN

तेल और गैस का 62 अरब डॉलर से 30 अरब डॉलर का आयात काम कर सकते हैं - डॉ. पीयूष द्विवेदी

Mr. Amit Kumar Kansal | Franchise of NEXGEN ENERGIA Owner | Business Opportunity

Green India Revolution || Join the Nation's Revolution || NexgenEnergia||

Nexgen Energia|| Invitation|| Franchise partner||

Nexgen Energia || Setup your own CNG(CBG) Production Pump ⛽

Franchise Opportunity to set up your own CBG ( CNG ) Production Plant

Franchise Opportunity to set up your own CBG ( CNG ) Pump

Generating Waste to Wealth with Compressed Bio-Gas | Franchise Opportunity |

Become a CBG ( CNG ) Pump Owner | Franchise Opportunity |

Zee Business - Exclusive Interview of Shri A P Pathak, Managing Director, Nexgen Energia Limited

Join Hands with NexGen Energia | Set up CBG ( CNG ) Pump | Franchise Opportunity |

Benefits of Compressed Bio-Gas ( CBG ) Production

BIOFUEL - THE FUEL OF THE FUTURE | Start your own CBG ( CNG ) Production | Franchise Opportunity |

Opt for Biofuel for a better future | Open your own CBG ( CNG ) Pump | Franchise Opportunity |

Mr. Amit Kansal, NGE Franchise Owner, Meerut | Franchise Opportunity |

Golden Chance to Own CBG ( CNG ) Pump | Franchise Opportunity |

Lifetime Opportunity to start your own CBG ( CNG ) Pump | Franchise Opportunity |

START YOUR OWN CBG ( CNG ) PUMP TODAY! | Franchise Opportunity |

Happy Mothers Day - NexGen Energia

Happy Navratri | Indian Festival | NexGen Energia

Nexgen Energia CNG Pump | खोलें ग्रीन डीजल पंप NX100 के साथ | Green Diesel Pump

NexGen Energia featured in Zee Business

Happy Maha Shivratri | NexGen Energia

Business Opportunity With Assured Returns | NexGen Energia

NexGen Energia - CBG (CBG) Retail Outlet | The Best Opportunity To Craft Your Future Now.

Nexgen Energia will provide employment to 1.5 million People across the Country

India will be the world's hub in green energy, first plant and pump will be installed in NCR

Nexgen Energia is bringing a chance to build 10000 CNG pumps / plants, subsidy up to two crore

अब कूड़े के पहाड़ और प्रदूषण से मिलेगी निजात, देश भर में लगेंगे 40 हजार सीएनजी प्लांट(सीबीजी) PART-2

नेक्सजेन एनर्जिया ला रही है 10000 सीएनजी पंप बनाने का मौका, मिलेगी दो करोड़ तक की सब्सिडी PART -1

Nexgen Energia - SAHAJ BHART YOJANA - Waste Management

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