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Inventing a Sustainable Future

NexGen Energia Ltd. is a clean fuel energy company with a vision to redefine the manufacturing & distribution of renewable future energy sector. For us, biowaste does not exist. At Nexgen, we see an infinite loop of valuable bioresources that can contribute to solving today's energy crisis, and waste challenge and feeding the planet. Our purpose is to create a renewable future. By enabling an infinite loop of bioresources, we empower communities to minimize their planetary footprint and derive value from organic waste.

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    Concept development and research

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    Design and permissions

  3. 3.

    Equipment supply and installation

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    Biological services



Fueling India’s growing demand for energy

Supply Operations & Distribution (SOD)

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    Vehicle tracking system
    VTS is provided on the cascade trucks operated with Nexgen. Real-time tracking of the cascade truck during transportation in the pre-mapped GPS route from the supply location to the destination.... Any abnormal delay or unauthorized halt, en route beyond the normal travel period can be immediately detected. show more
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    Gate Pass System
    Developed & implemented a gate pass system to enhance control of all materials that are either entering the Nexgen manufacturing plant premises or going out. Types of Gate Passes:... 1) In Gate Pass 2) Out Gate Pass 3) Returnable Gate Pass 4) In Vendor Material 5) Out Vendor Material show more
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    Surprise Audit
    The inspection is carried out at all site locations to monitor critical operations and strengthen the SOPs. Necessary actions were taken to ensure SOPs at all site locations.
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    Credit Note Register
    Inventory Monitoring is one of the vital activities at all locations. In order to streamline the activity, Nexgen SOD has developed an application to eliminate the need to manually maintain... and monitor the activity. This register will record all the product credit notes generated by the location on a particular day and can be viewed by the location incharge and planning officer and the concerned officer shall select the reason for making a credit note receipt from the available option. show more
We have a talented team of mechanical, chemical, electrical, electronics and service engineers that competently conceptualize, design and operate gas dissociating, drying and purification systems.

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