At Nexgen Energia, we recognize the importance of proactive and efficient maintenance to ensure the smooth operation and longevity of energy and infrastructure projects. As a trusted EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) company specializing in CBG (Compressed Bio-Gas) manufacturing plants, CBG retail outlets (pumps), water and soda bottle manufacturing plants, and EV vehicle dealerships and charging stations, we offer comprehensive Maintenance services to keep your facilities running at their best.

Our Approach

Nexgen Energia's Maintenance services are designed to optimize the performance and reliability of your energy and infrastructure projects. We employ a systematic approach, combining industry best practices, cutting-edge technologies, and a skilled workforce to deliver tailored maintenance solutions that meet your specific requirements.

Key Maintenance Services

  • Preventive Maintenance: Our preventive maintenance programs are designed to minimize the risk of unexpected equipment failures and maximize operational efficiency. We develop customized maintenance schedules and strategies based on equipment manufacturer recommendations, industry standards, and our deep understanding of the specific needs of CBG plants, retail outlets, water and soda bottle manufacturing plants, and EV vehicle dealerships and charging stations.
  • Corrective Maintenance: In the event of equipment breakdowns or malfunctions, our team of experienced technicians is ready to provide prompt corrective maintenance services. We prioritize rapid response times, troubleshooting, and effective repairs to minimize downtime and restore operations to optimal levels.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Our predictive maintenance approach leverages advanced technologies and data analysis to identify potential equipment issues before they lead to costly failures. We utilize techniques such as condition monitoring, vibration analysis, thermal imaging, and predictive modeling to detect early signs of equipment degradation or failure, enabling proactive maintenance interventions.
  • Spare Parts Management: We understand the critical role of spare parts availability in minimizing downtime and ensuring swift repairs. Our team assists you in establishing efficient spare parts management systems, including inventory control, procurement strategies, and supplier management. We work closely with trusted suppliers to ensure timely availability of genuine spare parts.
  • Equipment Upgrades and Retrofits: As technology evolves, upgrading or retrofitting your equipment can enhance performance, energy efficiency, and compliance with the latest industry standards. We offer expertise in evaluating your existing equipment, identifying upgrade opportunities, and implementing cost-effective solutions to improve functionality and extend the lifespan of your assets.
  • Asset Management: Effective asset management is crucial for optimizing the lifecycle value of your investments. Our maintenance services include comprehensive asset management strategies, encompassing asset tracking, performance monitoring, maintenance history documentation, and strategic planning for asset replacement or decommissioning.
  • Compliance and Safety Checks: We ensure that your facilities meet all regulatory requirements and safety standards. Our maintenance team conducts regular compliance and safety checks, including inspections, testing, and documentation, to identify and address any compliance gaps or potential safety hazards.
  • Sensitivity Analysis: We perform sensitivity analysis to assess the impact of key variables and uncertainties on the project's financial performance. This analysis provides insights into the project's resilience and helps in scenario planning and risk management
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